e-Payment Quartly tax services will not be available due to data transfer plz..co-operate with us

         Thank you for choosing the e-Payment system of Transport Department.

  • All the fee payment of VAHAN transaction can be done using this portal.
    1.New Registration for Non-Transport Vehicles (Two wheeler,Four wheeler-Personal use)
    2.Quarterly Payment of Taxes for Transport Vehicles (Non defaulters Only).
    3.Payment of fees for the transactions related to registered vehicles.
    4.Payment of fees for the transactions related to permit.
    5.Payment of fees for the transactions related to fitness certificate.
  • Generation of Vow id is mandatory for New Registration.
  • Tax will be collected for only one quarter at a time.
  • No rebate will be entertained in the e-Payment system.
  • The customer is liable to pay any difference of Tax at the RTO office only.
  • If the citizen intends to pay any advance quarterly Tax,He/She can pay at the RTO office.